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Increases in Airline Pilot Pay

The median annual earnings for airline pilots in the US was $202,180 as of May 2021, but since then the pilot shortage has led to significant increases in pilot compensation across the industry. Here's a summary of the recent changes in airline pilot salaries and compensation at the largest us airlines in just the...

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The Pilot Shortage is Not Over

The pilot shortage is a complex issue. This is a comprehensive analysis of the shortage of pilots examining pilot supply and pilot demand. It includes original research, statistics and charts showing the urgent need for pilot training and the value in become an airline pilot.

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Types of Pilot Licenses

What are the Different Types of Pilot Licenses? There are many different types of pilot licenses (pilot certificates in FAA speak). Each has different requirements, privileges and restrictions. The first licenses (other than student) the everyone must get is a private pilot certificate. See the step by step...

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Learn from the Best Pilots on YouTube

In the age of online learning, it's no surprise that many aspiring pilots are turning to YouTube to supplement their formal training and education. Watching real pilots navigate the skies and explain complex aviation concepts can provide valuable insights and a deeper understanding of flying. Here are some of the top...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Flight School...

Flight training is a complex and demanding process that requires a combination of physical and mental skills. It can be challenging and surprising for those who are new to the experience! But the rewards are incredible, as Hanna describes in her video.

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How do pilots get paid?

Airline pilots are per flight hour, but have a minimum monthly number of guaranteed hours. This method of payment is rooted in the 'block time' concept, where pilots are compensated from the moment an airplane departs a gate to its arrival at the next gate. The hourly rate is influenced by the type of aircraft they...

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How much money does an airline pilot make?

Airline pilot is a highly coveted and well-paying profession. With a median annual salary of $147,220, pilots can earn a very attractive income, and with additional compensation such as per diem and bonuses, the earning potential can be even higher.

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Flex Air Launches Civil Path To Wings Cadet Program Amidst Growing National Pilot Shortage To Help Aspiring Aviators Qualify For U.S. Air Force Service

The new program will prepare student pilots for the rigorous military screening process through comprehensive flight training, skills-focused interview preparation, and career coaching, all without a commitment to serve until accepted as a pilot by the U.S. Air Force.

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The Airline Pilot Shortage Isn’t Going Away

The airline industry and its career paths are very cyclical. When I left military service in 2006, airline pilot job openings were few and far between. That situation has changed dramatically, especially since 2010. Hiring practices at airlines historically cycle between boom and bust. In fact, you might hear lots of...

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