How to fly for American Airlines

Landing that coveted job at American Airlines involves several steps.

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  1. Obtain every license from PPL to CFI in as little time as possible. This will involve completing flight training, passing written and practical exams, and meeting other requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  2. Build flight time by teaching others to fly as a CFI. The more flight time you have, the more competitive you will be as a candidate for a job at American Airlines.

  3. Network with people in the aviation industry, including American Airlines pilots and recruiters. Attend job fairs and events where you can meet and talk with people from the airline.

  4. Land a job at a regional airline owned by American. This could include Envoy, Piedmont, or PSA. There, you'll spend about 12-24 months building enough flight time and experience to be eligible for American.

  5. Apply for a job at American Airlines. You can apply through the company's website, or through a recruiting agency that specializes in aviation jobs. Be prepared to provide information about your flight time, experience, and qualifications. If you're at a regional owned by American, you'll have the benefit of being part of a guaranteed flow program, which will take some of the uncertainty and stress away from the application process.

  6. Pass the interview and any other required tests. American Airlines will require applicants to pass an interview, an assessment test, and other requirements.

It's important to note that the process of becoming a commercial pilot and getting hired by an airline is competitive, and it may take several years to achieve. It's important to plan ahead, and find a good mentor who can show you the way. This is why the Flex Air Pilot Pathway program connects every student with a career mentor on Day One of training.

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