What is the fastest way to become an airline pilot?

  • January 31, 2023

Are you looking to become an airline pilot but don't have the time to go through a traditional four-year college program? An accelerated flight training program may be the solution for you. This is our focus in all Flex Air Pilot Pathway programs.

Accelerated Flight School

Accelerated flight training programs are the fastest was to become a commercial pilot and an airline pilot. Flight schools offering accelerated flight training programs allow students to receive all their initial certifications, ratings and a commercial pilot certificate in as little as 10 months. This is the fastest way to an airline career. These programs are designed to help individuals complete their flight training in a shorter amount of time than traditional programs. The curriculum is usually intensive and focused on the specific requirements necessary to become a commercial pilot.



During ground school, students will learn the theory of flight, navigation, meteorology, and other subjects related to flying. Flight training will include a combination of simulator and actual flight training, with a focus on developing the skills and knowledge needed to pass the FAA exams and meet the flight hour requirements for becoming a commercial pilot. If you want to get a get a taste take a look at the parts of an airplane cockpit.

Accelerated flight training programs may also include additional training such as multi-engine and instrument training, which are typically required for career pilots. Be wary of some programs that offer additional training such as mountain or seaplane flying, because these are not required to become an Air Transport Pilot (ATP).

It is important to note that accelerated flight training programs can be more expensive than traditional programs, and require a significant time and financial commitment. Before enrolling in any accelerated flight training program, make sure to check the accreditation and reputation of the flight school. It's also important to check that the program meets the minimum qualifications for becoming an airline pilot as set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Pay particular attention to a school's first-time checkride pass rate, but more importantly, ask them about their overall graduation rate and career placement rate. 

At Flex Air, our One Crew training and mentorship system delivers career placement rates 340% better than average flight schools. While the short-term goal of any student pilot is to achieve all their desired ratings, your #1 overriding goal should be to land a job as a first officer at an airline or corporate operator as quickly as possible.

Overall, an accelerated flight training program can be a great option for those looking to become airline pilots as quickly as possible. It is a demanding and intensive program but with its completion, you will be on your way to a fulfilling and exciting career as a commercial pilot. If the rewards and challenges are appealing we'd love to tell you more about the Flex Air Pilot Pathway program.

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Flex Air can help you get you get the right kind of Flight Training, whether you want a private pilot's license or to start an aviation career. If you have an FAA Commercial Rotor Certificate, we offer a rotor transition program. We offer a SkillBridge program for active duty service members, and we can help you with the GI Bill and VR&E benefits.