Safety is our team's first job at Flex Air

Safety in flight training is the first and most important way that a school builds trust with its students and important stakeholders like parents, spouses, and the local communities around our airports. At Flex Air, we use a Safety Management System (SMS) built on the best practices of Naval Aviation, scientific research, and key industry partners.

Our industry-leading safety system will become even stronger with the addition of Michael "Stu" Strauss as Flex Air's Chief Safety Officer. Stu comes to us through Flex Air's SkillBridge Program as a veteran US Navy helicopter pilot transitioning to the civilian world.

Stu wholeheartedly understands that a bit of himself stays with every pilot he trains. To that end, he is unrelenting in his mission to ensure that safety is paramount in the minds of all the aviators he meets. Stu brings to Flex over two decades of civilian and military experience in fixed wing, rotary wing, and unmanned aviation operations. 
As a Naval Aviator, Stu served as a lead instructor pilot at the Navy's largest helicopter squadron and also as a search and rescue check pilot, where he led safety, standardization, and training efforts for aviation units worldwide. He has also performed managerial roles in flight operations and aviation maintenance quality assurance, resulting in award winning training metrics and thousands of hours of mishap free flight operations. In addition to his duties as the Chief Safety Officer at Flex Air, Stu works as an airline pilot and contract simulator instructor, where he continues to teach and employ industry leading safety practices daily. 
Most importantly, he is thrilled to help ensure that your time at Flex is as safe and enjoyable as possible! Feel free to reach out directly with any concerns regarding safety or quality of training: safety (at) Or you can use our safety incident reporting page to submit concerns anonymously. Train hard, fly safe!

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